Episode 92

Episode 092 - Special Holiday 2023 Series: Unpolished GOLD - Mastering LinkedIn: Insights from Gregg Burkhalter, "The LinkedIn Guy"

Holiday Series 2023 - Unpolished MBA Gold: Mining For Talent In Transition

This episode features a conversation with Gregg Burkhalter, widely recognized as "The LinkedIn Guy." He shares his journey from a career in music and broadcasting to becoming a key influencer on LinkedIn, known for his personal branding and professional networking skills.

  • Early Career and Transition: Gregg talks about his early start in radio broadcasting at 16 and later working in music distribution, which was his dream job. However, after the company's bankruptcy and changes in the music industry due to streaming services, he transitioned to a new career.
  • Becoming "The LinkedIn Guy": Initially resistant to social media, Gregg was encouraged by a friend to join LinkedIn. After a year of use, he was invited by a large chamber of commerce in Atlanta to conduct a LinkedIn workshop. This sparked his idea to build a business around LinkedIn training and personal branding.
  • Insights on LinkedIn and Personal Branding: Gregg emphasizes the importance of relationships in career and business success. He discusses the significance of a well-curated LinkedIn profile, the impact of digital presence, and the strategy of being digitally active. He also touches on the concept of a "LinkedIn Golden Goose," referring to highly connected individuals who can significantly boost one's networking capabilities.
  • Advice on LinkedIn Content and Engagement: He suggests focusing on building a professional community on LinkedIn before posting content. Gregg also advises on the types of content to post, emphasizing the value of content curation and supporting others' posts.

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Gregg Burkhalter is a recognized authority on Personal Branding and LinkedIn. He has helped countless professionals around the world define and grow their Personal Brand using LinkedIn.

Gregg spent the first part of his professional career behind the microphone at radio stations in Savannah, Jacksonville, Charleston, and Atlanta. Following his radio years, Gregg worked in national music marketing and distribution.

Today, Gregg is known by many as “The LinkedIn Guy”. He provides Personal Branding Coaching and LinkedIn Training via one-on-one and group training sessions, corporate and college presentations, and webinars.

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