Episode 53

Episode 053: Most Companies Don't Get Money From Venture Capital

In this week's installment of Unpolished MBA, Monique shares some crucial business advice that she has been posting about with her Linkedin community over the past several weeks. If you're like most people who follow the media, financial podcasts, and publications, you know how much time and attention is devoted to the importance of venture capital. 

Monique is here to remind us that too many founders and business owners become fixated on the pursuit of investors, at the potential peril of their company. The reality is that far fewer successful businesses take on venture capital or angel investments than the media tends to portray. 

In fact, it's far more important for companies to spend their precious time and resources finding the product market fit for their new innovation or product rather than continuing to generate unfocused content in an attempt to target venture capital. Many new founders and small business owners have found themselves on this hamster wheel of courting quick cash while neglecting the potential customers and markets that are right under their noses. 

In this episode, Monique sets the record straight on why this is a mistake and what to do about it.

Topics Include:

  • The Importance of A Self-Sustainable Business
  • Myths Regarding Venture Capital 
  • The Importance of Finding Market Fit 
  • The Need to Stop Advertising to Investors  
  • Alternative Methods for Courting Investment 

Follow Monique:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moniquemills/

Website: https://unpolishedmba.com/

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